3s (Stirling’s Short Shifter) – Installation Instructions


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your purchase of the 3s.  Be prepared for a new experience in driving.  Your transformation from stock to a 3s will take about 30 minutes.  Follow these simple instructions and then enjoy the feeling of a nearly 50% reduction in throw shifter.


There is a one year warranty on all “3s” parts against product defects. Misuse of part or damage beyond normal wear will void the warranty.  As the producer of this product, I am not liable for any damage or injury that may occur through use or installation of this product.  All parts distributed are intended for off road use only, and are not intended for street use.


If you have any problems with the construction or installation of your 3s, feel free to contact me through email at bstirling@hennypenny.com or through AIM at “OhioSpyderman”.




Parts List:


1)     3s arm.





2)     3s base.




3)     Hair pin.





1). Remove the stock shift knob (or aftermarket

knob). Gently unseat your shift boot by pressing in on the trim   ring and pulling up and then remove the boot from the shifter.



*This next step WILL be the toughest part of the installation!


2).  Remove the cotter pin holding the shift linkage to the shifter.

      There are many sharp edges inside the console.  Be careful.

 This pin WILL NOT be reused.  Pull off the shift linkage from    

  the shift arm (where the cotter pin was).


3)     Using a 14mm socket or wrench, remove the nut on the long bolt that holds the shifter in the mounting bracket.  Set this nut aside as it will be reused. 



4)     Now, in the following order, remove these parts from the 14mm bolt and set aside for reuse:


a)     Lock washer.

b)     Flat washer.

c)     Plastic bushing (1 of 2).

d)     Spring.

e)     Spring spacer.

f)        Plastic bushing (2 of 2).


5)     Before removing the bolt, using the same 14mm wrench, loosen (but do not remove) the nut near the shift arm.  This will aid in disassembly later.


6)     Remove the 14mm bolt from the mounting bracket by pulling it out the top side (the part facing the dash) of the bracket.



7)     Remove stock shifter and remove the nylatron bottom cap (The hat that sits at the very base of the shifter) and set is aside for reuse.  It is very important that you do not lose this cap.


Disassembly of the stock shifter:


8) On a clean, flat and dry surface, carefully remove the 14mm   

     nut that holds the shifter arm onto the shifter base.  Set the        

     nut aside as this will be reused.


8)     Remove the lock washer and the washer from the stud and save for reuse.


9)     Remove the arm and take the bushings out of the arm and set them aside.  They WILL be reused.  Remove the bump stop from the arm and set it aside, it too will be reused.  [Place the arm in a safe place (it will NOT be reused)] . If the bushings are stubborn, you may try using the end of the 14mm mounting bolt to gently ease them out.  Make sure NOT to lose the bump stop as it comes off easily.  Set the bump stop aside for later use.


10)          Remove the thin washer and “crush” washer from the stud   

         on  the base and set these aside as they will be reused.


11)          Carefully remove the bump stop from the arm and set it

         aside for reuse.



12)          Remove the bushings and the spacer from the shifter base

         and set these aside.  They will be reused.


13)   Remove the shift boot C clip and set it aside for later use.


Assembly of the 3s:


14)  Install the bushings removed in step 3 of the disassembly 

       into the 3s arm.  Add grease where indicated.   Install the C

       clip removed in step 11


14)  Place the crush washer on first and then the thin washer

       onto the stud of the 3s base.



15)  Install the arm onto the 3s base using the washer, lock

       washer and nut removed in steps 1 and 2 of the disassembly.



17)  Install the bushings and spacer (removed in step 6

       disassembly) into the 3s base.



18)  Place the nylatron bottom cap on the bottom of the 3s base.



19) Gently pull up on the shifter linkage and place it on the   linkage rod of the 3s arm.  Use the supplied Hairpin to secure the linkage in place. Carefully lower the base (and bottom cap) into the mounting bracket.  Make sure the cap stays on the base.  This may take some small maneuvering to get it to line up while installing the 14 mm long bolt through the bracket and 3s base by pushing it through the top of the bracket.




20) In reverse order from disassembly step 4, place on the 14mm   bolt:


a)     Plastic bushing (2 of 2).

b)     Spring spacer.  Must slide into plastic bushing 2 of 2.

c)     Spring. Plastic bushing (1 of 2). Should fit over spring spacer and under spring.

d)     Flat washer.

e)  Lock washer.




Like this…



Spring Detail:



21)Place the 14mm nut onto bolt and tighten.


22)Use the supplied hair pin to secure the shift linkage to the 3s arm.


23)Install shift boot and shift knob.